March Photo Challenge

I’m using Fat Mum Slim’s March Photo Challenge this month.  I’ve been wanting to jump on this photo challenge bandwagon for a while now.  Follow along!

My First Lasagna

I used Martha’s recipe found here to make some frozen lasagna meals for days I didn’t feel like thinking about what to make/buy for dinner.  Not so easy peasy, but turned out really good.  I actually really like it and seems to be tastier after being frozen than when I first made it fresh!  Is that possible??  I thought it was a bit bland when I ate it the first night, but maybe freezing and reheating brought out the flavors?  A tough critic gave it a “6”, but I think it’s an “8”. (How Rude?!  –> Steph Tanner voice).  This recipe says 10-12 servings, but it turned out to be more like 20!  I’m not sick of it yet though.  After I made it, I swore I would never make lasagna again, however, it was totally worth it!  I’ll definitely make it again one day… in a few years..

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

More treats!  I made this little treat for friends.  I used this recipe and it makes A LOT.  It’s not the best treat in the world, but it’s tasty.  I’ve had them in the fridge, but it’s better when I put a small piece in the microwave for 20 seconds and eat it with a spoon.. just like I do with raw cookie dough :)

My First Cheesecake

Who knew cheesecake could be so easy to make?!  I thought it was supposed to be hard??  I followed this basic kraft foods recipe and it turned out pretty perfect.  [Robot tested and approved.]  I made it plain, but I enjoy it topped dumped with mini morsels.

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Found on Pinterest, I followed Brown Eyed Baker’s Recipe for these yummy cookies.  I made them twice.  The first time, I overcooked them.   The second time I reminded myself that there were no eggs in it, so I “undercooked” it, and it turned out much better!

Pocket Mirror Cases

For my sister’s wedding, she had 5 in her wedding party: 4 bridesmaids, and me, the maid of honor. She put A LOT of thought into her bridesmaids gifts and ended up deciding on many different things incorporated into one big gift. One of the little things inside the big bag of goodies was a personalized pocket mirror with our names engraved on them. She told me about this earlier and I offered to make little cases to protect them, since we ladies like to carry around large purses filled with so much random stuff that even our poor phones break and crack just from living in there.
So I made these little cases for them, personalized with each bridesmaid’s initial on the front. I loved making 5 of the same thing- It took a long time and a slew of screw ups, but in the end, I was really happy with the result, and so was my sister!   I hope the bridesmaids loved them as much as we did!

The Overnight Bag

I’ve had an overnight bag on my mind for quite some time as I wanted to make myself one. So when I was thinking about what to make my sister for her birthday, I thought the overnight bag would be a great idea for her as something she could use on her honeymoon. This bag took me over 25 hours to make! There were a few new firsts me in making this, like the zipper, the folded corners, and padded straps.

The following pictures show both sides of the bag, with stripes lower on one side and higher on the other. The middle picture I just threw in there so you could see the size. I didn’t measure the final product, but I think it was somewhere around 17×18 inches.

Here you can see the details of my very first zipper and casual folded corner.

I made two pockets. They are pretty large, so I made one higher than the other so that if they are filled they dont make the rest of the bag nonfunctional.

And we all know how I feel about frayed edges… The stripes were sewed on top to allow for fraying, and the straps were made to have a white edge fray with yellow fray on top.

I loved the end result, and luckily my sister did too!

The Little Bag

I made this little bag for myself for no particular reason. I never use or even like, really, small purses, but I just thought I would play and create something different. I had an idea of removable straps to wrap around a folded over little bag to make a clutch so that it could be a day bag easily turned into a night clutch. Didn’t turn out as expected, but still kinda cute.