Baby Shower

November brought us a lot of planning and need for creative expression. It was baby shower time! We had the nautical themed shower at a beautifully rustic venue (right up my alley!!) I bought a few things from Etsy, but I also made a few things myself.

Diaper Cake
I didn’t like any of the diaper cake ideas I found online, or the rolling of the diapers technique… so in true Palak fashion, I just did it my own way. I like it better. I painted a few wooden letters and hot glued them to the ribbon/burlap.

Welcome Aboard Sign
I am horrible at scrapbooking, it is just NOT my thing. But I really want to make a few things for the shower that could be used in the baby’s room as well. This was one of them. I framed it and we had it out at the shower and now it hangs on a wall in the baby’s room :)

Glued pretty paper to wooden anchors and then tied them together with rope.

Bib and Burp Cloth
Along with the faux chenille baby blanket I made, I also made these bibs as a shower gift.

Other Pics

Faux Chenille Baby Blanket

It has been awhile since I posted, but I haven’t been completely abandoning my sewing machine. Back in October/November I made a baby blanket for my nephew (who was born in January), and followed the Aesthetic Nest’s tutorial for a faux chenille technique. This took a long time and a lot of work, and my hands were definitely sore from the all the cutting, but it was well worth it. The blanket turned out better than I had expected and my sister and brother-in-law absolutely loved it. (It was also a huge hit at the shower!)

March Photo Challenge: Day 4 – “Bedside”

The side of the bed I don’t sleep on.

March Photo Challenge: Day 3 – “Your Neighborhood”

I was home in Delaware this weekend, so yesterday’s photo was taken in my parent’s neighborhood… the one I grew up in.

March Photo Challege: Day 2 – “Fruit”

March Photo Challege: Day 1 – “Up”

March Photo Challenge

I’m using Fat Mum Slim’s March Photo Challenge this month.  I’ve been wanting to jump on this photo challenge bandwagon for a while now.  Follow along!

Meet Oinky

Oinky is the new love of my life. Yes, he is. And yes, he is a he, and definitely not a she.
I met Oinky at Marshalls on the 30th and I immediately knew he was to be my new best friend. I’m not sure why, but I feel like Oinky is supposed to bring good luck. I have him on my coffee table facing the front door, so that anyone who walks in will be blessed by his dazzling jewels.
Oinky is also just a really great place to store my pennies (He is a piggy bank after all).

Hope you enjoy meeting Oinky as much as I enjoy his company. And I hope Oinky will bring you luck in 2011.

And now, I will leave you with a picture of Oinky’s adorable little tushy!

Happy New Year!!

Blogging About Blogs

I just wanted to take a quick study break to tell everyone about a few of my latest favorite creative blogs. Some are friends’ blogs, and some are just ones I came across or was introduced to.

Tired of Takeout
First I have to tell you about Katie’s blog. Katie is a friend of mine from nursing school who is an amazing cook specializing in baking. She makes us some amazing muffins at least once a week, and sometimes brings us incredible cupcakes too. Not only does it taste delicious but it absolutely makes our day! She doesn’t always blog about her creations because she makes so much stuff, but my personal favorite was the blueberry coconut muffin. Katie’s blog appeals to the single 20-somethings who want to cook but can’t find the time or the funds.

No Smoke Without Pryor
Another one of my favorites is the Pryor’s blog. My friends, Ian and Henna, recently had a baby girl, Laila (whom I made the bibs for) and started a really wonderful blog. These two both have the most amazing writing style and should really write columns for magazines. The Pryors blog about anything and everything from reviewing baby formula and strollers to personal trips and pictures of Laila. Also, Henna is a really amazing baker as well. She makes the most amazing cupcakes and showcases her work in this blog as well. Ian and Henna’s blog appeals to new parents, newly weds, or just anyone looking for something good to read!

New Dress A Day
One person’s trash is another’s treasure. A friend of mine sent me the link to this blog because she knew how I’d fall in love with it. This girl, Marisa, is pretty much famous now because of this blog. She lost her job and decided to give herself a budget of $1 a day to make cute things out of old dresses. For an entire year she is purchasing dresses from flea markets and garage sales and turning them into something to add to her own wardrobe, whether it’s a cuter dress, or a shirt, or an accessory. I don’t know where she finds the time, but she is definitely my hero. I will be attempting to do this with a few dresses soon as well. What an inspiration she is!

Stitched in Color
I randomly came across this blog while just perusing the internet for sewing inspiration. This woman, Rachel, is the mother of two, has 2 webstores (one on all organic baby products), and homeschools her children. She blogs every single day as well. I don’t know how she finds the time, but I absolutely love this blog. Rachel is everything I want to be one day! Additionally, she sews for a cause, benefiting children in poverty. I love her work and her style. She finds the most beautiful fabric and creates some really chic products. She loves color just as much I do. This blog focuses a bit heavily on the quilting aspect of sewing, but she covers a lot of other stuff in between.

Those are my latest favorite blogs. I am constantly coming across new and exciting blogs, so from now on I will blog about blogs a little bit. If you have any favorites to share, please comment to let us all know about your favorite blog finds!

Back to the books for me.