A Beautiful Sunrise in Central PA

Good Morning, Beautiful

The Bloomsburg Fair

I have done an incredibly poor job of updating recently.  Since the last crockpot post, I’ve made quiche, white chicken chili, salmon with mango and rice, cooked numerous other random things and I sewed another pouch bag for a friend.

Additionally, I’ve since deleted my facebook account, and Sew Knot Kneaded’s account as well.  So I figure here would be a good place to post things that I’d normally post to facebook, as far as pictures go and some updates.  Not too many people check the site, and so it feels a little more private to me than the 700 people I was previously sharing my life with.

The Bloom Fair

The Bloomsburg Fair is a big event here in hickville.. it’s like the Kentucky Derby of Central PA…. except, not even close… they just think it is.

This fair is what the hicks here call “HUGE” and “SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!”  It costs $8 to get in, free after 9pm.  It covers a few acres, but the entire center is empty.  Before going I heard the food was incredible and that there is SO MUCH FOOD.  There is.  However, each of the 1000 food stands has the same items.  And so, we tried the Fried Oreos as this was one I had heard about that needed to be tried.  It was AMAZING.  Regarding the possibility of having a heart attack from it, we felt sure that the benefit outweighed the risk.

Apparently, many of the vendors at the Bloom Fair make their entire year’s salary on this one event.  I’m not sure what they do the rest of the year, but their life depends on this one week every year.  Unfortunately, last year the fair never happened due to the flooding in the area… so hopefully they were able to make up for it this year.

There are lots of country music stars who perform at the Bloom Fair every year, and I sure do wish I had bought some tickets to see them!  But alas, I probably wouldn’t have had the time for it anyhow.  Other events at the fair include weird and freaky things such as the headless woman, as she defies medical science:

We took the sky ride back from one end of the fair to the other and that’s where the first picture I posted is from, and here is a picture of Mike and I up on this “ski lift” both fearing for our lives that he would drop his iPhone.

All in all, a pretty fun hour of our lives up here, but not because the fair was anything great, but only because it was the most interesting thing Bloom has had to offer in the past 8 months that we’ve been here!

Unzip Me, Baby

March Photo Challenge: Day 4 – “Bedside”

The side of the bed I don’t sleep on.

March Photo Challenge: Day 3 – “Your Neighborhood”

I was home in Delaware this weekend, so yesterday’s photo was taken in my parent’s neighborhood… the one I grew up in.

March Photo Challege: Day 2 – “Fruit”

March Photo Challege: Day 1 – “Up”

March Photo Challenge

I’m using Fat Mum Slim’s March Photo Challenge this month.  I’ve been wanting to jump on this photo challenge bandwagon for a while now.  Follow along!