Pocket Mirror Cases

For my sister’s wedding, she had 5 in her wedding party: 4 bridesmaids, and me, the maid of honor. She put A LOT of thought into her bridesmaids gifts and ended up deciding on many different things incorporated into one big gift. One of the little things inside the big bag of goodies was a personalized pocket mirror with our names engraved on them. She told me about this earlier and I offered to make little cases to protect them, since we ladies like to carry around large purses filled with so much random stuff that even our poor phones break and crack just from living in there.
So I made these little cases for them, personalized with each bridesmaid’s initial on the front. I loved making 5 of the same thing- It took a long time and a slew of screw ups, but in the end, I was really happy with the result, and so was my sister!   I hope the bridesmaids loved them as much as we did!

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