My First Lasagna

I used Martha’s recipe found here to make some frozen lasagna meals for days I didn’t feel like thinking about what to make/buy for dinner.  Not so easy peasy, but turned out really good.  I actually really like it and seems to be tastier after being frozen than when I first made it fresh!  Is that possible??  I thought it was a bit bland when I ate it the first night, but maybe freezing and reheating brought out the flavors?  A tough critic gave it a “6”, but I think it’s an “8”. (How Rude?!  –> Steph Tanner voice).  This recipe says 10-12 servings, but it turned out to be more like 20!  I’m not sick of it yet though.  After I made it, I swore I would never make lasagna again, however, it was totally worth it!  I’ll definitely make it again one day… in a few years..

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