Baby Shower

November brought us a lot of planning and need for creative expression. It was baby shower time! We had the nautical themed shower at a beautifully rustic venue (right up my alley!!) I bought a few things from Etsy, but I also made a few things myself.

Diaper Cake
I didn’t like any of the diaper cake ideas I found online, or the rolling of the diapers technique… so in true Palak fashion, I just did it my own way. I like it better. I painted a few wooden letters and hot glued them to the ribbon/burlap.

Welcome Aboard Sign
I am horrible at scrapbooking, it is just NOT my thing. But I really want to make a few things for the shower that could be used in the baby’s room as well. This was one of them. I framed it and we had it out at the shower and now it hangs on a wall in the baby’s room :)

Glued pretty paper to wooden anchors and then tied them together with rope.

Bib and Burp Cloth
Along with the faux chenille baby blanket I made, I also made these bibs as a shower gift.

Other Pics

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