Yet Another Reversible Clutch

I made this clutch on my week off between quarters. Unfortunately, my feelings toward it are pretty much close to hatred. I really don’t like it for all the time I spent on it. I had to cut out all the shapes and individually sew them on after obsessing over the placement. It just took so long and I really wish it had turned out better. Regardless, I have been using it and have been getting a lot of compliments on it. So, whatever. I do however like the black and blue side way better than the yellow.

The batting doesn’t do anything for this purse’s sturdiness. I need to find a heaver, stiffer batting for my purses. It’s very flimsy. I did a terrible job with the stitching as well. Also, I think it’s time for me learn to sew in zippers. All in all, this purse made me feel like I went backward in my quest to become a sewing master. But do I really care? No. Am I lying to myself? Yes. Oh well. Maybe my next projects will be better!

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