Pot Holders

These potholders were a birthday present for my mom. I made them over a month ago before school started and was just waiting until after her birthday to post this.

This was a tough project. I looked for some patterns online and didn’t find anything I liked, as usual. So I just decided to wing it. I always see pot holders that are square shaped and have the opening for your hand, but I hate those because they fall off when you use them… and that’s not really safe, now is it? So I thought about it for some time and decided to make the hand opening on an angle so that I could make a little thumb opening too. I also wanted to make them small enough to fit my hand (and my mom’s, I’m guessing her hands are the same size as mine) because I really also hate that pot holders are so big and clumsy… because that’s not safe either. Anyway, so they are small at about 6″x6″. They are also filled with Insul-Brite batting to make them heat resistant. Two pieces of batting in the bottom layer and one on the top layer, made it SUPER hard for me to sew. I’ve never sewn anything that thick and fluffy before, so that was a huge challenge for me. But I did it. And I also quilted the bottom layer which was also a first for me.

Here is the final result!

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  1. Stephanie

    Love it! Great job!

    May 6, 2010 at 5:00 pm

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