Pure Happiness

I received a $50 gift card to Spool from Laura a few months ago for taking care of her sweet kitties. I finally made it over there today to pick out my new fabric. Spool has the most amazing fabric, with the most beautiful colors and prints. They are all unique, fun and cute, and I absolutely adore every single fabric there. They are expensive though. They sell fat quarter bundles, and after a long time of staring at the different bundles, I finally chose the huge one. Expensive or not, it had the most variety of beautiful fabrics, and it was to be mine. I only had to spend $25 on it, thanks to Laura. Yes, I know, this was an expensive bundle. However, it will last me a long long time. I make so many small items that I know these will be useful for many of my future projects.

I had to take a few snapshots of my own of this gorgeous little bundle of joy. Take a look at what I consider pure happiness:

If you’d like to visit Spool, you can find them on 19th and South St. in Philadelphia, or you can visit them virtually at www.spoolsewing.com

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