Pencil Case

It has been so long since I sewed!!!! Ok, maybe not that long, but it feels like forever! I was so happy to procrastinate today by sewing while putting off all of my school work (whoops!).

Ok, so I’m the jerk who rummages through my bag in the middle of the quiet classroom, looking for that pink pen, because all my classes are color coded. I really lost that pink pen last week and it was driving me nuts. I finally decided it was time to make myself a pencil case! And yes, I do use lots of pencils too. And no, I don’t use mechanical pencils, I dig the real deal… mini pencil sharpener and all.

I didn’t have any zippers, nor have I ever sewn in a zipper, so I’m a bit scared of them.. So I decided to come up with another idea. Originally I wanted to create a rolling pencil case like the wallet I made a few months ago, and the CD case I made. So I made that first. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to turn out, as I did not use any batting (I don’t know what I was thinking) and it just didn’t work for me. But I still love it and think I may redo it and maybe make Jen her pencil case she’s been wanting. The design might not work for her, but we can figure it out when I get to see her 2 weeks from now for Kara’s bach party and shower. (yay!) So anyway, I just decided to go for a simpler bag idea for my case. This one is nice and simple and I like it because I can toss in my sharpener too. My sister gets the credit on this design idea, because I was frustrated and complaining to her on the phone about it and she suggested I make something like my glasses case, but bigger. I love this fabric soooooo darn much too! It also matches my little planner nicely too, so I like that too :o)

Here it is, and as you can see, I found my lost pink pen:

Here is the other one I made.. I really do love it, but I just really screwed it up by not using any batting. It will be redone eventually. Ignore the marks on the fabric- I use a glue stick to hold my fabrics together when I sew, instead of pins… I like it better. All the glue comes off in the wash afterward, and I was planning on washing this after making it.. but I didn’t because I wasn’t going to use it.

This was fun! Hopefully I will get to sew again soon. I will have another update next week when I finally get to post the gift I made my mom for her birthday (which is the 23rd). So that will be up once I give it to her!

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