Burlap Clutch

I’ve been wanting to work with burlap for a LONG LONG time, but never got around to trying. I finally bought some recently and tonight decided to play.

I have to say, burlap is a tough material to work with. It’s not that hard physically, but mentally for a Virgo it is. I am a perfectionist, and it was extremely hard for me to just let this material be as it is. That is precisely what I love about it- now that it’s finished.. but the process is challenging.

The imperfections in my work are always very calculated. This time, I decided that for the strip across the top of the clutch, I wasn’t going to cut it to make it perfect, nor was I going to cut a perfectly imperfect diagonal piece. I just used what I had laying right next to me. And I like it… I think.

Edges are raw.
Velcro closure.
Simple. Easy.
Can’t wait to use it.

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