Tissue Box Cover

Ok, I know, I know, this is a total Grandma project, but whatever. I have a ton of other projects to get to but I’m waiting for myself to get motivated to leave my parking spot to buy new fabrics and other things I need, but that is tough because it takes me an hour to find parking by my apartment.

I have promised a lot of people that I will make them this, that, or the other thing, and I apologize for the delay. In the meantime, I’m playing around with the fabrics I still have and just trying out new stupid things.

I hadn’t really sat down to sew for a few days (sorry for the 4 posts in one day, btw) but since I wanted to, I decided to try something that would allow me to use some of the old fabric I’ve been ignoring and to help me practice sewing a cube shape, for when I want to make bags. It’s actually not very easy because there seems to be a lot of guessing going on (like- “I can’t see what I’m sewing but let’s just have Coco cross her paws for me that it works out”) and I hate guessing, because then I can’t easily re-create anything. For some reason, I tend to get lucky when I guess things like that though- but that’s why I’m only good at things on the first try and then never again.

This cover is fine, I kind of hate it, but its better than a stupid box. I tried ironing the fabric like a hundred times, but the wrinkles weren’t coming out because it is a canvas-like fabric. However, Coco definitely seemed to enjoy it more than I did. At one point she was actually sticking her paw into the sewing machine (It was not running at the time) to try and play with the string that was running through the needle. Of course I immediately removed her, lowered the needle into the machine, and turned it off… you can never be too careful with a kitty like her- she will get into everything! Crazy cat.

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