Wine and Craft Nights

Anna and I have decided to have monthly wine and craft nights after our extraordinarily fun day of making cards last week. We sat down on the floor of my apartment and brought out all the goods: pretty fabrics, pretty scrapbooking paper, buttons, gemstones, glue, scissors, and pretty much anything and everything I own and can cut up and use. Anna made 4 gorgeous cards, and since I am slow and a crazy perfectionist, I only made 3. However, I can only post two of mine here right now as one was not given yet!

Here are Anna’s creations. The first one on the far left is a wedding card, the next is a birthday card, the one she is holding is a birthday card for her mom, and the last one is an engagement card:

Here are mine. On the left is my sister’s birthday card and on the right is my dad’s birthday card:

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