Kindle Case

Since Nate (my sister’s fiance) decided to steal my Christmas gift idea for my sister (well, not so much stealing as we both just had the same idea..) he geniusly suggested I make her a kindle case instead.

I first made one that turned out too small:

Then I made this one…

This one was the one I gave to her for Christmas (we had our Christmas a bit early due to the fact that she and my mom left for India today). This case was actually a little big. I quickly got to using my mother’s sewing machine to edge stitch the entire thing a second time around (not pictured here) in order to tighten up the case so the kindle could fit snugly. Regardless, it turned out great and the whole family loved it.
Added bonus: I got to stitch in my very first label… which made the whole family (and me too!) very very proud!!
Last year at this time, I began to sew, and I made my sister a terribly stitched little wallet. It was fun to see how far I have come this year… and I can’t wait to keep sewing and learning. Hopefully next year I will have something even greater to give her for Christmas.

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  1. Joice

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    January 30, 2013 at 6:48 pm

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