It’s amazing how with each project I feel a stronger sense of pride in my work.. they just keep getting better! Maybe not the actual item, but for me the process becomes much more exciting, the perfection begins to feel crucial, and after spending 6 hours on it (which actually only feels like 2), the end result is the second best feeling from beginning to end. The first, however, is giving it away and seeing the appreciation on a friend’s face. I can only hope it doesn’t sit in a drawer collecting dust for the next 10 years. That’s why I try and make things that are useful. Structure is nothing without function.

My friend Laura and I went on a Target excursion recently, and one of the things she needed was a cd case for her P90X dvd’s. She didn’t find one that day. So a few days ago when I was trying to think of new projects to create, I immediately thought of her and the case. So I found out there are 12 dvd’s in the set and I started planning a design for these. I knew I wanted it to be compact, foldable, and closable. I googled around for some tutorials and/or pictures for ideas, but there was nothing! The only ones I saw tutorials for were those car visor cd cases, so it was time for me to think about it and come up with my own design. I stuck with the same simple idea of the rolling wallet I made awhile back, but just added layers and straps and measured out for the cd’s.

I actually made one first that turned out to be a huge fail. But I took it with me to her place last night and showed it to her and she loved it, so it was definitely worth a second try. The second one (pictured here) turned out perfecto-mundo. If cd’s were still popular, this would be a little more useful… oh well. I guess we do still have dvd’s.

By the way, I should mention… Laura, my favorite bartering and kitty cat friend, is the lovely lady who bought me my amazing Olfa self-healing mat and gave me her rotary cutter. I can’t thank her enough for those things, they are what makes all of this possible and what puts a huge smile on my face every single day. Thanks, Laura!!

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